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We provide "Reverse Auction Technology"® and "Load It Now"® contracting of loads
to keep trucks on the road and profitable. Get paid immediately upon delivery with our
patented "E-Cash Code" System®.
Search Fees: There is no fee to search for a load on Easyloadpro.com.

Load posting Fees: There is no fee to post a load on Easyloadpro.com.

Advertising Fees: There is a fee to upgrade your listings if you desire to have your load listing bolded, highlighted, featured on the search page, or shown on the home page. The fees are as follows:
Bold Listing: $2.00
Highlighted Listing: $5.00
Search Page Featured: $10.00
Home Page Featured: $25.00

Auction Commissions: The commission is 6.00 % of the winning bid.

Load It Now Commissions: The commission is 6.00 % of the winning bid.

Load Cancelation Fee: If the load is cancelled after the bid has been won there is a cancelation fee of 4% of the winning bid.

The commission charged to the winning carrier is to cover the costs associated with electronic funds transactions, website development, and advertising of the website.
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