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We provide "Reverse Auction Technology"® and "Load It Now"® contracting of loads
to keep trucks on the road and profitable. Get paid immediately upon delivery with our
patented "E-Cash Code" System®.
Frequently Asked Questions

If goods are damaged in shipping how do I get compensation from the carrier?
There are three ways to handle damaged goods. 1) Do not give the E cash Code to the carrier at the time of delivery. 2) File a claim on the Insurance of the carrier. This policy is emailed to you at the time the load is contracted. 3) Post negative feedback to the carrier so that their rating goes down.

Why do I have to give my banking or credit card information?
This website facilitates the transfer of funds from shipper to carrier, it handles this through automatic electronic transfer of funds. All transactions are cash transactions. Payment is collected from the shipper at the time the load is contracted, but is not made to the carrier until the recepient or delivery person receives the product or load, then payment is made using our patented E-Cash Code Sytem.

How can I speed up the account approval process?
Easyloadpro.com must verify ownership of your bank account, credit card accounts, insurance, and ICC/MC & DOT numbers. The bank account numbers take the longest, but can be verified quicker by waiting a couple of days and then calling your bank or looking up the two amounts deposited through online banking.

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